A ux unicorn is more than just a user interface designer, he or she masters all aspects 
						 of the end-user expereince from art direction through to final production of the end user experience.

Hang on... why are you here anyway?

UX Unicorn    | u•ni•corn - yõonə,korn |


  1. Mythical user experience designer with an advanced and adaptive skill range. Outstanding skills in graphic design, rapid prototyping, front end development, user testing, technical specifications, marketing and branding. It does not have an opinion, it has a process, and will harmonize with any environment.
  2. Fluffy horse with a horn projecting from it's head, blueish shoes, ribbon neck thing and a blinking eye. Big enough to be used as a cleaning sponge and small enough to be stuffed in a tail pipe.
See also: UX Seagull

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